OMA Vehicle Lifts Experts

The guarantee of experience with over 40 years of activity makes OMA one of the best solutions in terms of high-standard lifts

Our story

About the brand

OMA is an export oriented Industrial Manufacturing Company with its headquartering based in Italy. Its main field of operation is the automotive service equipment. 

In the late 60’s OMA was founded with the scope to manufacture automotive lifts, scissor lifts, 2 and 4 posts lifts. 

With an experience of over 40 years, OMA is one of the oldest established companies in this field in Italy and the extensive know how is reflected in today’s well designed and engineered lines of products. 

OMA changed its legal structure to a Registered Company in 1991. 

Due to the important growth in sales, resulting from the success of its products and marketing, OMA has divided its operations into different divisions and companies, each responsible for manufacturing a specific product line. 

During its life, OMA also made major investments into its infrastructure, enlarging its production facilities, developing a highly specialized R&D Department and a Quality Control System, by computerizing its entire operation. 

Of course the investment has been made also on the most precious value of a modern company: the working people with their professionalism and their presence and experience on the international markets or in the manufacturing process. 

Several products have been added in the last few years to the original production range, many others have been re-designed and re-engineered, with the focus on keeping the sales program constantly up to date and competitive. 

Our Values

Customer-driven innovation is our focus to implement constantly new products and services, as we believe that long tradition and experience must drive technological advancement.
Today into Base Group, OMA adopted new production and quality processes, as well as new logistic procedures, in order to guarantee high quality and fast deliveries, together with a new focus on environmental impact and job security.

After Sales Service Department

New after sales department with 6 technicians always available in order to support our customers for any technical assistance needed, questions and doubts on spare parts and manuals; we organize also visits to customers for installations and technical assistance all around the world

Training Centers

New training centers based in the Motor Valley, where we organize technical and commercial trainings, as our motto is: train the trainers!

Customer Service

New department with dedicated customer service in 7 foreign languages, available from Monday to Friday, together with Sales Area Managers who cover the entire world, experts on products and markets, each one for specific areas.

Today, OMA sees new products in its range, many others have been re-designed and re-engineered, keeping customers and markets as the only focus.

304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM